Bread inspiration

While at a work retreat earlier this week in the Eastern Townships, our host (my colleague’s father) demonstrated some of his newly acquired bread making techniques. It was very fascinating! I’m not particularly good at making bread (aka terrible) so it was really inspiring to see how he made the dough, set it to rise in a willow basket and baked it in these beautiful ceramic dishes.

To help inspire you, here are some pictures. Sorry, they’re just taken with my cell phone’s camera, so aren’t really all that great…

The beautiful bread has these rings around it from having risen in a willow basket. I’ve never realized that this is how it’s done – so simple!

The second loaf (not risen in the willow basket) being put in the oven to bake.

The ceramic dishes that the bread was baked in had big bowl-like lids that helped keep the moisture in for the first part of the baking process. Not only did it help make delicious bread, they were really beautiful!