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A healthy breakfast

Healthy breakfast

Today I started the day off with a healthy breakfast. Organic eggs, spelt bread, local apples and organic kiwis.

Three bean pasta

Three bean pasta

Last night I whipped up this delicious pasta dish that turned out really well! I keep forgetting that food looks gross under …


Starting off the new year

As a new year starts, we often find ourselves making resolutions with the hope of improving our lives or better connecting with …


Giving thanks

This year, Chris and I celebrated Thanksgiving potluck style with friends. It was great food and really great company. I couldn’t have …


Bread inspiration

While at a work retreat earlier this week in the Eastern Townships, our host (my colleague’s father) demonstrated some of his newly …

Cherry tomatoes

Cherry tomato abundance

What do you do with an over-abundance of beautiful cherry tomatoes? Well, we couldn’t eat them fast enough, and got two overflowing …

Baked pear pie

I heart you, pear pie

I’ve been trying to make a good wheat-free, low-sugar pie for a while. This pear pie is not quite either, but it …


Soup soup

We love soup. And who doesn’t? It’s a meal in a bowl. It usually leaves you with fewer dishes to wash, and …


Pickling things

This year we went a bit crazy with the pickling. Although I doubt we’ll have any trouble eating all of these in …