Cherry tomato abundance

What do you do with an over-abundance of beautiful cherry tomatoes? Well, we couldn’t eat them fast enough, and got two overflowing pints of them from our organic food basket. I didn’t want to puree them in soup, so did some Googling and decided to slow-roast them in the oven and store them in oil.

I cut the tomatoes in half and tossed them in olive oil, salt and pepper and a bit of fresh basil. We then roasted them for 1.5 hours at about 250 degrees with the oven door propped ajar (Chris suggested I stick the metal tongs in the door to open it just a bit). Once they became all shriveled and mainly dry, we pulled them out of the oven, threw them in little mason jars and poured olive oil over them. Since we didn’t heat process them, they have to go in the fridge and get eaten fairly quickly.

I learned quickly through this process it’s actually really important to halve the tomatoes and put them cut side up. That way the moisture evaporates and doesn’t turn the tomatoes all mushy. The ones that I left cut side down leaked all over the place and made a mess!

Overall, they are really beautiful once jarred and would make a nice gift for a (super worthy) friend.