Giving thanks

This year, Chris and I celebrated Thanksgiving potluck style with friends. It was great food and really great company. I couldn’t have asked for anything more!

Above you’ll see my plate, full of (clockwise from top): orange balsamic glazed beets, butternut squash and apple galette, fluffy mashed potatoes, green bean and cherry tomato salad, apricot roast ham, and sweet potato biscuits. We started the meal off with a coconut curry butternut squash soup. And finished it with an apple pie. Yum!

Here are some pictures of dinner from earlier. I am still getting into the habit of photographing the cooking process, so didn’t manage to capture everything. Plus it doesn’t help that it is always pretty dark when we’re cooking dinner, so the pics are a bit blurry. But you get the idea.

Above: Chris putting the ham back into the oven after dabbing more of his apricot glaze over. It was incredible! I’ll see if he’ll post the recipe for us.

Above: Our friend Danielle made sweet potato biscuits that were so light and delicious! She substituted the milk with water and the butter with olive oil so that it was dairy free (for me – what a sweetheart).

Above is the butternut squash and apple galette. In case you don’t know what a galette is (I didn’t) it’s basically an eggy pie pastry wrapped around a mound of chopped filling. It could be anything from peaches and apples, to, in this case, savory squash, onions and apples. My friend Amy topped it off with some blue cheese. Delicious.

Here’s the beautiful apple pie that Amy made. It had a nice, flaky crust with super sweet and delicious apples. We ate it with some sharp cheddar, which is the perfect combination. Well done!!

Overall, a great success. Although I don’t remember the last time I had a bad Thanksgiving dinner. It is really great to be surrounded by people who love to cook and spend time feasting together. Here’s to many more!