Oyster adventure

Having eaten delicious, yet expensive, oysters in a couple of restaurants lately, I decided to try buying fresh ones and eating them at home. Not only are they so much cheaper, it’s kind of fun to give it a try!

I bought a fancy shucking tool at Cuiz-In, the kitchen store in the Jean Talon market. This one has a little shield to protect your fingers and stop you from slipping. To make sure I was doing this right, I watched a few YouTube videos to help me know how to shuck them properly, and read a great blog article about eating and serving them.

Once I had shucked a half a dozen, I set them out on a nice plate with a few slices of lemon and a simple balsamic, garlic dressing. Since it was just me eating them, and I ate them pretty quickly, I didn’t bother putting them on ice or rock salt… Incredible.