Soup soup

We love soup. And who doesn’t? It’s a meal in a bowl. It usually leaves you with fewer dishes to wash, and it pushes you to try new things. Above is a lentil, carrot, tomato soup. It’s super easy to make and nice when it’s all blended smooth.

This is a delicious, chunky roasted tomato and chickpea soup. The tomatoes, onion and garlic were all slow roasted in the oven for at least an hour. I put in the chickpeas for a bit near the end to give them a toasty flavour. I then threw it all in a pot with a herb and chicken bouillon, added rosemary and oregano, salt and pepper, and some chili flakes for some heat. We then ate it with grilled slices of baguette with goat/sheep cheese. See the full recipe here.

This is a slight spin on a classic soup. I sauteed leek, onions and potatoes and added a nice chicken bouillon. I then added chopped, fresh lovage (a herb that’s a bit like celery) and thyme, blended it with a hand blender – not too much – and added roughly chopped kale. Once the kale was wilted, but not over-cooked and brown, we ate it topped with grated sheep’s Romano cheese. Incredible!